Ages 8 to Adult

Course Description

For beginning and early level violin, students will follow the All for strings method books. This program is a comprehensive three-volume method that includes a wealth of supplementary materials for teaching and performance. This complete curriculum covers virtually every aspect of beginning through intermediate string study, emphasizing technical skills, rhythmic understanding, and quality musical experiences.
For Beginning string students Book 1 provides a well-rounded course of study. It begins with Starting by Rote and Starting by Note approaches to music reading. Photos, diagrams, and logos integrated throughout the book reinforce all new concepts introduced. Carefully selected and composed technical materials and musical selections provide excellent opportunities for learning and growth. Rhythm exercises and theory games are also provided, as well as duets, trios, and ensembles.

Lesson Fees & Details

  • Suitability – this program is appropriate for students age 7 to adult.
  • Duration – 30, 45 or 60 minute lesson once per week; average 4 lessons per month.
  • Regular Term – 40 weeks; from September to June; follows the public school calendar; Summer lessons available (please enquire for scheduling)
  • Registration Deposit – At registration a fee of $20.00 is payable to reserve a student's place on the schedule. This fee is refunded in the form of a monthly lesson discount when your account is paid by post-dated cheque or pre-authorized chequing.
  • Lesson Fee* – tuition is $109.00 to $112.00 per month depending on the instrument of study and is based on four, 30-minute private lessons per month. All lessons are month to month with NO contract. Tuition is GST and PST exempt and qualifies for the Manitoba Children's Arts and Cultural Activity Credit. Bi-weekly, 45 minute and 60 minute lessons are available when required. Please call or email for rates.
  • Book Fee – course books are not included and are purchased as required. Average cost is approximately $20.00 per year but will vary depending on the program and grade level.
  • Practice Instrument – a suitable practice instrument is required at home.
  • Family Lesson Discount – when 2 or more immediate family members are registered for lessons, a monthly lesson discount will be applied to each student. Please ask for details.

-- all prices subject to change without notice --

*A monthly lesson discount will apply when you arrange to pay your account with post-dated cheques or by pre-authorized chequing. Does not apply to Apple Course, Aptitude Music Program, RCM Theory or playLOUD programs.

Royal Conservatory of Music

For intermediate and advanced students the Violin Series, Third Edition® offers nine volumes of interesting and challenging Violin Repertoire. You will be introduced to a broad spectrum of composers, musical styles, periods, genres, and pedagogical challenges. Working with a qualified instructor you will follow a systematic and progressive approach that ensures that musical concepts and skills are introduced at the appropriate level.

Two companion volumes to the Violin Repertoire books include scales, arpeggios, double stops, and studies/etudes for all levels of study from the Introductory Level through Level 8. The Third Edition has been expanded to include a wide selection of studies/etudes at each level compiled from both standard literature and contemporary compositions.

The Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum is recognized by the Manitoba Board of Education. Manitoba high school students in grades 9 to 12 who meet the grade and exam requirements are eligible to receive up to four additional credits at the high school level.