Little Mozarts

for children in Kindergarten, Gr. 1 or Gr. 2

The right start; making MUSIC FUN for young children...

Course Description

In a small class atmosphere students and teacher interact to stimulate your child's interest in music and develop some of the fundamental skills needed to eventually play any musical instrument of their choice. The Little Mozarts program will teach your child to read and understand music through piano/keyboard training and through creative activities designed to motivate young children. Since 1981 this very popular program has seen thousands of young children learn to play an instrument and enjoy the benefits of a music education.

Program Highlights:

Entry Levels 1 & 2

Little Mozarts has two levels into which students can begin; level 1 and level 2. The entry requirments for each level are as follows:

By the end of Level Two all students will be prepared with the same set of skills and knowledge, regardless of what age or grade in school they start the program. Some students who start in Level One can ease into Level 2 a little more easily than, for example, a student who starts the program in Level 2, however our instructors are well prepared for getting the first year Level Two'ers up-to-speed fairly quickly. Deciding when to actually start should have more to do with when you feel like your child would enjoy participating in a fun music class like this and when your family is ready in terms of the scheduling and commitment requirements.

Another thing to consider is: If a student starts Level One as early as Kindergarten, there's potential for them to be well prepared to begin private lessons while still in Grade 2 in school. Occasionally, younger students just going into Grade 2 in school after completing both levels of the Little Mozarts program are still not quite ready for private lessons, however. If this is the case, students still have the option of continuing into our Junior Maestros group class which is another fun group program for anybody who has completed Little Mozarts Level Two.

A lot of the time families will actually choose to enroll their child into the Junior Maestros group program after completing Little Mozarts simply because they are enjoying the fun atmosphere and benefits of learning in a group. And depending on demand for the Junior Maestros program students may continue in this program for as many as 3 and sometimes even 4 years after completing Little Mozarts Level Two. More information about the Junior Maestros program can be found below.

Lesson Fees & Details

-- all prices subject to change without notice --

*A monthly lesson discount will apply when you arrange to pay your account with post-dated cheques or by pre-authorized chequing. Does not apply to Aptitude Music Program, RCM Theory or playLOUD programs.

What's After Level 2?

After Little Mozarts Level Two, some students may desire an individual (private) lesson while others will prefer to continue in the classroom lesson and enjoy the benefits of learning with their peers. The type of lesson most beneficial for your child is best determined by you and your instructor. Maturity, interest and ability must all be evaluated to determine the best placement for your child.

Private Lessons

Students wanting or requiring a one-on-one lesson are able to continue in one of the private lesson programs offered by Tauber Music School. We offer quality private instruction in such programs as the Royal Conservatory of Music piano and violin programs, the Full Voice vocal program, the Zerofret guitar program and more.

For information on all the private lesson programs available go to our Home Page and select the instrument you are interested in viewing.

Junior Maestros 3, 4, & 5

Those students preferring to continue in the classroom setting will advance to the Junior Maestros program. This program includes all the material a private lesson student would complete plus teaches ensemble (group) playing skills and has the added benefits of learning in a group lesson.

This program is for students who have completed the Little Mozarts Level Two program. In Junior Maestros students will be taught in a small classroom setting and continue to enjoy the benefits of learning in a group lesson.

Junior Maestros Program Highlights:

* Junior, Early Intermediate, and Intermediate ensemble playing for levels 3, 4 and 5 respectively

** Introduction to technique (level 3); Early intermediate and Intermediate technical exercises (levels 4 and 5 respectively)

*** Basic recording techniques (level 4); Sequencing techniques (level 5)

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