Ages 8 to Adult

Acoustic & Electric

Aptitude Guitar Program

In the Aptitude Guitar Program you will begin your lessons in the Zerofret Guitar Shop Method. This modern guitar method was written for students taking lessons from a qualified instructor and is suitable for both acoustic and electric guitar.

Instead of the standard beginner guitar book full of nursery rhymes and old folk songs, you will find original and enjoyable melodies plus the theory and techniques that will enable you to play whatever style of music interests you.

Aptitude Program: Highlights, Fees & Lesson Details

Regular Guitar Program

In the Regular Guitar Program you will continue to develop proper guitar playing skills using the Zerofret Guitar Shop Method. Written for the modern guitar student, you will learn original and enjoyable melodies plus theory and technique.

As your ability and knowledge increases you will be able to apply your skills to any style of guitar music you would like to play. Your instructor will be pleased to help you learn your favorite songs.

Lesson Fees & Details

-- all prices subject to change without notice --

*A monthly lesson discount will apply when you arrange to pay your account with post-dated cheques or by pre-authorized chequing. Does not apply to Apple Course, Aptitude Music Program, RCM Theory or playLOUD programs.