Royal Conservatory of Music Theory Program

- for ages 12 and older -

Description & Schedules

For intermediate and advanced level RCM piano students, the study of Music Theory is designed to compliment the practical study of your instrument and increase your knowledge and understanding of important elements of music.

The Royal Conservatory Music Theory program is normally taught in a class setting once per year for students requiring RCM Theory Levels 5, 6, 7 and 8. Classes for more advanced theory levels are scheduled when there is sufficient demand. Students may also register for a private theory lesson if preferred or when no class is available.

Each course normally consists of twenty-four, one-hour classes, held weekly beginning mid-November and concludes with the writing of the Royal Conservatory exam in May. All students will be thoroughly prepared by our accredited instructors to successfully pass the RCM exam.

Royal Conservatory of Music

Tauber Music follows the curriculum and syllabus as outlined by the Royal Conservatory of Music in preparing its' students for theory examinations.

Passing a Royal Conservatory of Music Theory program is required by the Royal Conservatory of Music for students wishing to receive a diploma for their instrument at certain grade levels.

It is also one of the requirements of the Manitoba Board of Education when applying for additional credits on your high school record. Please consult your school guidance department for specific requirements and eligibility for the instrument you are studying.

Lesson Fees & Details

-- all prices subject to change without notice --