Health & Safety Policies

Because in-person music lessons require teachers and students to be in a closed space for periods of 30 to 60 minutes and instructors will have contact with multiple students over the course of several hours each day, we strongly encourage students and teachers to be mindful of their own health and respectful of others, especially during cold/flu seasons and COVID waves.

The following health and safety policies are currently in effect at our facilities:

  • When requested by either instructor or student/parent a face mask is required for anybody participating in an in-person lesson.
  • Students should not attend in-person lessons when symptomatic or feeling unwell. Online instruction is available to all students who cannot attend in person.
  • If you test postive for COVID your attendance is welcome but only when you have no fever and you are symptom free for 48 hours; you must also wear a well-fitted, high quality mask for 10 days following your original positive COVID test or onset of symptoms (whichever came first). Please note that you do not need a negative test in order to return after testing positive, and that re-testing is not recommended because you may still test positive for several weeks even though you are no longer infectious.

Lesson Formats: Online / In-Person / Combination

  • Our school continues to offer your choice of 3 lesson formats: In-person, Online or a combination of both. These lesson formats are available for most programs and instruments.
  • Lessons can be taught online according to individual student preferences or when needed due to illness.
  • All of our classrooms are equipped with quality computers, cameras, microphones, speakers and with ethernet for fast and stable wired connections.